About Jamie Steele Owner of Tidy Your Time in Pflugerville Texas
jamie steel owner tidy your time llc productivity specialist in austin texas

Jamie Steele

Owner, Tidy Your Time LLC


Hi!  I am Jamie Steele!  I am Austin’s time and technology guru and productivity specialist.

I work with busy professionals to find the order in their day.  Organizing time and technology I help you to create an environment that promotes productivity so you can focus on your passions. I believe with the aid of technology that you can work with your day in sync with your priorities. 


It means teaching yourself how to find and create focus spots in your routine.  At Tidy Your Time LLC we ask what can you do while that first cup of coffee is brewing. We look at the whole environment and see where we can help you to reduce clutter and save steps to give you more time for what matters to you.

It means assessing your priorities and getting rid of what doesn’t need to be “to-done.” 

It means creating time for your self-care.  If we are rested and refreshed, we can be there for others.  We must put our oxygen mask on first


I first fell in love with productivity and efficiency after reading Cheaper By the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth Jr and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Getting things done in pockets of time where I would be standing or sitting around with nothing to do became an obsession of mine.  This was before Facebook so that natural distraction wasn’t there.  I would read while waiting in line when waiting at the post office I would update my to-do lists, or I would make phone calls while sitting parked in the car.  There is always something to do you just have to be prepared to do it.

My passion for technology also started at a young age.  My parents are programmers.  They taught me to be respectful but not afraid of technology.  I love exploring new devices, apps, and programs to help save time in the day.  I help my clients utilize their technology to automate tasks that would take hours to do otherwise.  I teach them to be brave and explore what their technology can do for them.


When I moved to Austin in 1999, I was an administrative manager at Chez Zee Restaurant in Austin, TX.  My job was to create and teach systems and procedures so that anyone could walk in and do the job, no matter the job. I developed systems for opening and closing the restaurant that saved time. I created filing systems that multiple people could easily access and maintain. It was my responsibility to recognize when something had fallen out of order and to make adjustments when necessary.

After the birth of my son, I left Chez Zee to work at The Container Store part-time where I was an Elfa Space Designer.  I designed shelving systems for clothes closets, pantries, desks, playrooms, and garages.  Working at The Container Store helped me to understand that each person’s organizational needs were unique. Customers may have had the same organizational problem, but the solution was always different.


When I started Steele Organizing, I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  I am currently the NAPO-Austin President.  Through NAPO, I am connected to a network of people who share my passions.


I am prompt, efficient, and smile the whole time.  I am energized by helping people.  Knowing that the systems we create will have long-lasting effects makes my heart happy. I work with each client to design organizational systems and time strategies that are unique to your needs and organizing personality.

If you are ready to get started, send me a message, and we will schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call.  Let’s talk about how I can help you shave off those steps to give YOU more time for YOUR passions.