Discover Your Time and Space Style Preferences

Time and Space Style Preferences

A good organizational system needs to be tailored to your unique time and space style preferences in order to work. What are those preferences? Cena Block, a productivity expert, and business coach has developed a tool to guide you in determining how you like to manage your time and space. The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI) shows you what your natural tendencies are, and gives you the resources to make those tendencies work for you.

The TSSI takes 10-20 minutes to complete. Blocked out a little time on your calendar when you will not be distracted. After taking the inventory, you will receive a report that shows where you fall on the time and space style continuum. There are no right or wrongs, just your unique and natural tendencies.Link to the Time & Space Style Inventory affiliate page

The Report

The report delves deeper into the different time and space style preferences. You receive a summary description of each, and a graph of you style preferences. Each style preference is scored and listed as dominant, strong, or moderate. To get a better understanding of the style preferences, log into the TSSI Hub. The Hub is where you will find a detailed description of the style preferences along with flow steps and a sample to do list for your dominate time style.

Are you ready to put your results into action? Contact me to schedule a TSSI review and put your time and space style preferences to work for you.

Time and tech-savvy, Jamie Steele is the owner of Tidy Your Time LLC where she teaches individuals and businesses to live life in sync with their technology.  Jamie learned of the TSSI through NAPO conference recordings and was able to try the inventory for herself.  She discovered she was a Big Picture Minimalist with Hopper Tendencies.  Through the TSSI Hub, she has been able to refine her systems to be more in tune with her natural tendencies.  As a TSSI affiliate, a portion of your purchase will go to Steele Organizing.

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