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Oh, grammar!  I was never keen on the rules and now in my old age, I am generally at a loss as to where and when to place a comma.  When I found Grammarly and used their free grammar checker I knew my prayers had been answered.  From day one Grammarly improved my writing.  Now, I don’t have to fear prepositions at the end of the sentence, writing predominately in a passive voice, or worry about those dang commas.  Grammarly checks it all.

Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly is a free grammar checker that scans for mistakes, readability, and effectiveness as you type.  Not only does Grammarly check your writing against 150 grammar rules in the free version.  It also considers the context of your sentence when checking spelling.  The free version allows for mistake-free writing on-line through browser extensions.  That means no more grammar mistakes on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail.

Premium Version

The premium version of the grammar checker gives you so much more.  Checking against 250 grammar rules and extensions for Microsoft Office you can write in Word or Outlook without fear of missing a comma.  The premium version also checks for plagiarism and gives you suggestions for vocabulary enhancement.

– 150 critical grammar and spelling checks

– 100+ additional advanced grammar and spelling checks

– Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

– Genre-specific writing style checks (academic, technical, creative, and other styles of writing)

– Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages

Grammarly Apps

Grammarly is available for PC and Mac. You can work with Grammarly directly on your desktop.  You can also download an extension for your browser to have the grammar checker run while you are typing your latest Facebook Post .or updating your LinkedIn profile.  If you use Microsoft Office, you can download a plugin and write error-free in all of the Microsoft Office applications.

Plagiarism Checker

If you are worried about plagiarism Grammarly has you covered.  Grammarly will scan for plagiarized text and compare it across hundreds of public websites.  If Grammarly detects plagiarized text, it will provide a suggested citation for the text.

If I’m writing I am using Grammarly.  I have not found a better proofreader out there. I started with the free version but quickly realized that I needed all of the bells and whistles for the amount of writing that I do.   I self-edit my writing so I need all of the help I can get seeing those errors.  That, and I have a comma problem.

Have you heard of Grammarly?  Will you give it a try?  Let us know in the comments below.

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