National Clean Up Your Computer Day

Monday, February 10th is National Clean Up Your Computer Day!

Here are some great tips to keep your computer running smoothly.  An added bonus is that you will be able to find the information you need.  It is estimated that the information worker loses a third of the day looking for digital files. 

Clear your desk top!

  • The fewer icons on the desk top the better your computer will run.
  • File all items on your desk top to appropriate file folders
  • If you need specific file folder use a special character to move the folder to the top of the list

Clear Your Downloads!

  • move everything you want to keep to the appropriate file folder
  • If you have executable files you want to keep move them to your programs file
  • Delete everything else
  • Make a daily habit of cleaning up your downloads file daily.  It will keep your computer running smoothly

File! File! File!

  • If you have any documents stored on your local hard drive decide if you need access to them in the cloud and move appropriately. 
  • Files should be contained in folders unless there is only one file in the folder
  • File as you go. 
  • When you download something immediately save it to the proper location.

I want to give a warning.  Storing files in the cloud does not serve as a back up.  Always back up your devices and cloud services to an external hard drive to ensure you always have access.

Are you going to clean up your computer today?  Tell us how it goes!

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