OneNote vs. Evernote – Which is right for you?

screen shot of onenote clipper use one note to list your way to productivityNow that Microsoft has made OneNote free for consumers, can it compete with the well-known Evernote? Preston Gralla offers his take on both.

Source: OneNote vs. Evernote: A personal take on two great note-taking apps | Computerworld

OneNote vs. Evernote

I sat down to write a post on OneNote vs. Evernote and came across this article.   Read it first! Seriously, if you want to know which app is best for you, it is imperative that you read the article.  It hits so many of the points I would have made, I figured why not leave well enough alone.  Both programs offer a wide variety of ways to take and capture notes.

Favorite Features

Did you read the article?  It did miss a couple of great features, which happen to be my favorite.

My absolute favorite feature of OneNote is the Outlook integration. You can link notes to tasks, appointments, and contacts with a click of a button. This goes beyond the notes field in Outlook.  You can add images, handwritten notes, and typed notes. This tool is invaluable for me personally and my business.

Another great feature of both programs is the ability to scan business cards and add them to your contacts with a few clicks.  I no longer dread the business card exchange.  I snap a pic, decide if I want this person in my master contact list and sometimes even hand the card back.  The text in the business card image in searchable, but OneNote and Evernote format the information for you in a handy little grid.  You can even make a call or send an email without leaving your note-taking application of choice.


Is there a clear winner?  Has the battle between OneNote vs. Evernote finally been won?

I agree with the author.  Depending on what type of notes you want to take determines which program you should ultimately decide to try.  If you are in need of a powerful web clipper Evernote is your go to. OneNote is like carrying electronic notebooks.  You can organize your notebooks by section to make accessing your information all the easier.

I am a OneNote user.  I love being able to write anywhere on the page and move text boxes around. The Outlook integration is perfect for business or linking notes to events booked on your calendar. For example a scan or picture of a birthday invitation.

Have you tried Onenote or Evernote?  What did you think?  Need help getting set up?  I can help you one on one or virtually anywhere.  Contact me today!