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Organization For Students

Does this sound like your student?

  • Crumpled papers at the bottom of a backpack
  • Binders with papers falling out
  • Late or missing homework
  • Not knowing when homework and projects are due
  • Can’t focus on schoolwork at home

Chances are you are dealing with a disorganized student. Don’t worry there is help. 

Organizational skills can be taught.

Teaching your students basic organizational skills will allow them to navigate the influx of paper and projects that are typical for all students. 

Now, I won’t guarantee that the backpack won’t get messy, but your student will learn the STEPS to organizing so they will have the skills to get their supplies back to neutral.

How do I teach your student the skills they need?

At our weekly sessions, they will get hands-on practice sorting papers, filing old papers, and setting up systems to keep them on track.

Some of those systems include:

  • Setting Reminders on Phone
  • Creating Check Lists
  • Using a Planner
  • Creating an area to focus

Space to Focus

It is essential that your student have a clear surface to work, preferably the same space every day. This could be a spot at the kitchen table or for older students maybe a desk in their room.  Wherever the space it is important to make sure supplies are close at hand.

Setting up a filing system

Some teachers require that students keep all past work and students may want to keep study guides for later reference.  We will set up and archive file system so your student can easily access old materials.  This will also help to keep the binder and backpack organized.

The most important skill

Using a planner is a life long skill. Whether it is a digital or old fashioned pen and paper Your student will learn how to utilize this important tool to capture due dates and plan out projects.

If your student is ready to learn these essential skills let chat.  Book your free Tidy Talk today!

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Let’s get started!

The Tidy Student Package includes:

  • 60-minute strategy session
  • Action plan
  • 12 weekly sessions which will cover:
    • The STEPS to Organizing
    • Binder/Backpack Organization
    • Set up an Archive file box
    • Set up a homework station
    • Set Reminders for Homework and recurring tasks
    • Learn to Use an Academic Planner

Service and Working Together

Through partnership and curiosity, we discover your path forward

Through partnership and curiosity, we discover your path forward