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Photo Credit:  Leandra Blei
Photo Credit: Leandra Blei

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Tidy Your time

Do these Productivity Challenges Sound Familiar?
  • -Rushing from meeting to meeting
  • -Putting out fires
  • -Distracted by emails, phones, and questions from colleagues and coworkers
  • This may sound like a typical day, but does it have to zap your energy? No! By setting boundaries, buffering your time, and blocking out time to work on your tasks you can retake control of your day.

    Tidy Your Tech

    Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Knowing the basics allows you to be brave with your technology and try new things. What are the basics:
  • -File structure and naming conventions
  • Understanding cloud storage services and how to access your data in the cloud
  • -Digital storage and the syncing of calendars and file folders
  • Total Tidy

    Does this sound like you?
  • -You are using multiple cloud storage services and can’t remember where you saved each file
  • -Your google drive and shared files and folders are unnamed and unsearchable
  • -You have no clue what time you have available for scheduling meetings
  • -Your task list is so long and you can’t find even 30 minutes to sit down and focus
  • Time Map Your Way To Success

    What people say about Tidy Your Time, LLC

    • What a great experience! I try hard to be organized and keep everything together but I really needed someone who can ensure that I have all my technology linked correctly and be strategic about how to connect multiple computer sources into one highly functioning connection. And that is what she did! Thank you, very happy with our end results!!!

      Amber M.
      Insurance Agent
    • I own a small business and work a lot from home. My desk was getting buried with papers, photos, and different notebooks I use for different parts of my life, all of which I need to keep on hand. The desk pile made it onto the floor then another floor pile…it was becoming a little much. My session with Jamie was stress free. She came in with no judgement and she worked with me to separate and break down my piles. Some of those papers and items have been floating around for years. She left today and I can see my desk, know where to find things, I have a new system for work flow and I’m excited for our next appointment. I am no longer the queen of chaos!!!

      Leandra B
    • Today I attended Jamie’s workshop The Secret Ingredient to an Organized Life, The Central Command Center. It was super helpful and practical. We built an Active File Box which is one component of A Central Command Center. It was so motivating I went to Walmart afterward to purchase the rest of the recommended items to set up my full Command Center for my home. Jamie was knowledgeable and had innovative solutions to some of my difficulties staying organized. This workshop made me realize I needed help in this area and has inspired me to want to stay organized. AND I now have a system to do so.

      photo (1)
      Lacey H.
      Yoga Instructor


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