7 Reasons Why to Use a Planner

I live and die by my digital and paper planners.  I am completely lost without my task management system.  These systems take time to implement and you have to schedule maintenance to keep them running, so why bother? Here are 7 reasons why to use a planner.

1. Use a Planner so you don’t have to remember.

Have you heard of the “Google Effect?”  This theory states that we are less likely to remember something if we can easily recall the information.  If we write down our plans, tasks and goals in a digital or paper planner we don’t have to store the information in our head.  We can essentially forget about it!  This frees up our brain for bigger picture thinking.

2. Use a Planner as a guide post.

Now we really haven’t forgotten it all, but after writing things down it does not take up as much space in our brain.  If we are truly capturing our to-dos and appointments in a planner of any format we need to refer to that planner throughout the day.  It’s a good idea to have a couple of reminders on your phone to check in with your planner to make sure you are staying on task.

3. Use a Planner to stay focused

How many of you are distracted by bright shiny objects?  Dr. Alan Brown the ADD Crusher has a technique to bring you back into focus.   He says when you notice you are distracted ask yourself this questions, “Is this what I’m working on now?” If the answer to that question is, “No,” you stop the distraction and go back to your focus.  I love this technique, but what if you can’t remember what your focus was?  Oh yeah, we are using a planner and I can refer to that to find my focus again.

4. Use a Planner to reach your goals

A planner with goal pages like The Full Focus Planner helps you to keep your goals top of mind and work on the tasks to help you reach your goals.  Don’t leave these pages blank and refer to them weekly If not daily.  Recording your goals solidifies what your next actions should be.

5. Use a Planner to record routines

Routines make our lives easier and put some tasks on autopilot.  Having a morning routine, a work startup routine, a work shutdown routine, and an evening routine allow you to do a set of tasks to get you ready for the next stage of your day.  Write your routines in your planner in the notes section and use it as a checklist to set yourself up for success.

6. Use a Planner to Make a Time Map to your Ideal Day

This can be done digitally or on paper.  Also known as time blocking, mapping out your ideal week helps you to stay focused.  When we have too many choices we may become overwhelmed and decide to do nothing. If we have a time map we can quickly refer to it and know what our focus should be, whether that is admin work, projects, or connecting with others.

7. Use a Planner to stay motivated

Do you get a thrill when you check something off or cross it off because it is to-done!  Planners allow you to track what you have done and crossing items off a list motivates you to do more.  Motivation comes from our accomplishments not out of thin air.