Why Goal Setting Will Change Your Life

Do you set goals?  In The Art of Goal Setting, we talked about how to set a good goal that is personal and engaging to you.  Setting an actionable goal is not enough.  You have to write it down and review your goals on a regular basis.  Achieving your goals is not a set it and leave it type of activity.  It requires you to be actively engaged.  Why bother setting goals?  Because goal setting will change your life.

goal setting will change your life in austin texasCan goal setting change my life?

Yes!  You don’t have to set a life-changing goal in order for your life to be changed.  Research shows that accomplishing small goals gives you the motivation to reach for those life-changing goals.  It’s not motivation you need to achieve your goals.  It is achieving your goals that gives you motivation.  It is ok to start small and build up to the bigger life goals.  Goal Setting is a process and you need to practice to get good at it.

Motivation, not enough?

When we set goals and achieve them our passion and self-esteem are higher.  This gives you a more positive outlook on life and the people around you.  You sense of purpose and control also grows.  Overall you feel like a better person.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Where will you start?  What little goal will you set for yourself in order to build up the motivation to achieve your life goals and change your life?  Let us know in the comments.

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